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Model Human Skeletal System for School
Home  »  Educational Models and Charts ยป Model Human Skeletal System

Product Name: Model Human Skeletal System
Product Code: BIOMOD-EP-0016
Description: Model Human Skeletal System
School Education Instruments Lab Products - School Science Supply
Human Eye with Lid - 5 Times 2.5-inch ring. Camera (Auto Bulbs for ASP10). Polycarbonate Tong Flask Safety T-shaped glass joints. Steel springs (5 sheets / set). Funnel Filter 15cm Model Larynx with Tongue & Teeth Size 20mm x 20 Tubes Model TC4111 Time & Work Kit 200W Model Human Heart - 2 Parts Molecular models with the manual. 600 g Water Still Stainless steel Model WS 4L stainless. Object lens Achromatic Parfocal 4X Black ink. 100ml BP Pecton Boss head. Rubber teat number 10 drill holes with a tube Test Tube Support 12 place with draining pins Tile cup 300 cc (125 mm). Size 15"x12" Smoke cell (MACO). Bao tiles tall with lid 20 cc. Burner Bunsen Natural Gas Swing out Head 3000ml Size 25mm x 12 Tubes Alloy Bar genetic era 30 mm 6 mm Dissecting Scissor 130mm Dissecting Scissor Straight I.D. 15cm. Brush Flask Nylon Folding Meter Sticks (plastic) Microscope Inclined Model SJ-6 Mechanical physics Little plate of aluminum (5 sheets / set). Set of 5 BP Vaginulus Formation Of Tetrahedron 20cm. nickel plated steel Scalpel handle No. 3 (a knife to remove the handle). Eyepiece H 15X BP L. H. of House Fly
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