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Counting Concepts Instruments for School Maths Lab for School
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Product Name: Counting Concepts Instruments for School Maths Lab
Product Code: MathsLab0014
Description: Counting Concepts Instruments Marbles This Product in use to understand the concept of graphing, addition, multiplication, odd and even numbers. This one set consist with 400 pcs.of marbles, Duty packed boxes. Integer Counters Every elementary classroom needs a set of math counters. Double-sided math counters are very useful for integer related activities .These two colour counter are pasted together for modelling math concept, including addition and subtraction of integer numbers. Integer counter 30 mm plastic A Set of 100 in 2 color Magnetic Counters Provided with soft magnetic backing, easy to use on magnetic board. A magnetic counter set is perfect for whole classroom demonstration, individual practice or tuition center activities, this set of 48 magnetic counter provides a tactile and visual model of key maths concept. This helps students, to understand the concept of integers by showing positive and negative numbers. Set of 48 counters in two color 2 Color Counter Dia 30 Mm Virgin plastic 2 color counter allow for Integer, patterning, color concepet, counting and operations activity in education centers, small groups or Individual studentís desk. These are durable and comes with measure 30 mm in Diameter. 2mm Thick A Set of 100 in 2 color B Set of 500 in 2 color Counters Virgin Plastic Counter Allow for Sorting Pattering, Color recognition, counting and operations activity in Education canters, small groups or Individual Student desk. These are durable comes in 5 color and measure 28 mm in Diameter, 5mm thick. (Set of 500 Pcs. in 5 Color) Counters Dia 30mm Virgin Plastic Counter Allow for Sorting, pattering color recognition, counting and operation activity in Education centers, small groups or individual student desk. These are durable comes in 5 color and measure 30 mm in Diameter, 2mm thick. A Set of 250 in 5 color B Set of 125 in 5 color Unit Cubes Interlinking Cubes are one of the most widely-used math manipulative in the world. The colorful, interlocking cubes help children to learn number and math concepts. These cubes represent units and link in all direction. Interlinking cubes are used for patterning, grouping, sorting, counting, numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and measurement. Each unit is a cubic centimeter measuring 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm Counter Tiles Packaged in a clear storage container, use these 1" X 2 mm. thick plastic tiles in five colors to build models of math concepts, develop basic arithmetic skills and explore color and number patterns. Color tiles are effectively used to help children understand spatial reasoning and mathematical concepts like probability, algebra and graphing. A Set of 500 in 5 color B Set of 250 in 5 color Number Mat Great for classroom activity to get kids to think on their feet. Number Mat is fast and a crazy quiz game.Kids listen the equation from teacher, do the math, and then step on the right answer. The game gets faster as their scores gets higher! Mat measures 22 feet in length and 6 cm in width. Stacking Counters Packaged in a clear storage container these 20mm round stacking made up of plastic available in 5 color to build models of math concepts, develop basic arithmetic skills, explore color and number patterns, ascending and descending concepts. A Set of 250 in 5 color B Set of 125 in 5 color
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Model Dicot Seed Germination (Pea) Measuring Tape (1 Meter) Time & Work Kit Dissecting Board Wave box Dia. 50 mm Zoology-I set of 8 size 50x70cm. Blood Lancet Rubber teat number 10 drill holes with a tube Clips Mohr's Brass Little plate of aluminum (5 sheets / set). Magnifying Measure Doubled walled Tire to the pipette. BP Chaetopterus Model Human Brain - 2 parts Distilled water series. 200g Location vitro 4x10 stainless steel box era 13 mm Natural Gas Model Unisex Torso with fixed head showing shoulder & back open - 17 parts Clinometer Compass Burner Bunsen Simple Slide Box Wooden for 100 slides Metal handle Model Eye with Lid on base BP Myashell Microscope Educational Crucible Tong Extra Long 2d Shape Model Human Upper & Lower Jaw Aquarium Tank Small BP Tapeworm with Prismatic square tube Socket cap tiles with his short 25 cc. Balance Electronic Table Top 30 Kg. Two way Test Tube Support 6 place with draining pins Partners filter cone bushings (plastic) 1 100 mm Projection Screen 52 x 70" Model TC8101J Aquatic Net Measure Conductivity HANNA-DiSTWP5. Model Labyrinth Large Geoboard - Geometry Geo Board Swivel Clamp Holder Jumbo BP Mole Cricket Magnetic circular flat era. 45x9 mm Handheld Model Insect needle No. 3 (a 100 per box).
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