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Physics Lab Equipments for Schools & Teaching Labs
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Generator AC / DC a demonstration
Product Code : PY11061
Generator AC / DC a demonstration ...
3-phase generator (MACO).
Product Code : PY11062
3-phase generator (MACO). ...
DC amplifier (MACO).
Product Code : PY11063
DC amplifier (MACO). ...
Amplifier (MACO).
Product Code : PY11064
Amplifier (MACO). ...
Flow controller 20 ohm 4 Amp.
Product Code : PY11065
Flow controller 20 ohm 4 Amp. ...
Flow Controller 10 Amp 2 Ohm.
Product Code : PY11066
Flow Controller 10 Amp 2 Ohm. ...
Flow controller 50 ohm 4.5 amp.
Product Code : PY11067
Flow controller 50 ohm 4.5 amp. ...
Flow controller 90 ohm 2.2 amp.
Product Code : PY11068
Flow controller 90 ohm 2.2 amp. ...
Direct high-volt generator.
Product Code : PY11069
Direct high-volt generator. ...
High Volt Power Supply (MACO).
Product Code : PY11070
High Volt Power Supply (MACO). ...
Mass scale (MACO).
Product Code : PY11071
Mass scale (MACO). ...
Scale electricity
Product Code : PY11072
Scale electricity ...
Detector direction of current.
Product Code : PY11073
Detector direction of current. ...
Shooting an object at an angle different machines.
Product Code : PY11074
Shooting an object at an angle different machines. ...
Product Code : PY11075
LAUNCHER object ...
Pressure of the liquid.
Product Code : PY11076
Pressure of the liquid. ...
Measure wind direction easily.
Product Code : PY11077
Measure wind direction easily. ...
Percussion time signal (MACO) and tap the paper strip at a continuous signal.
Product Code : PY11078
Percussion time signal (MACO) and tap the paper strip at a continuous signal. ...
Hydraulic presses c.
Product Code : PY11079
Hydraulic presses c. ...
Standing Wave (demos).
Product Code : PY11080
Standing Wave (demos). ...
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Tubing Connector - T Shape Wood was sound Clamp Retort 4 Prong with Boss Head Trial electromagnetic fields (Max Rockwell). Sample a variety of resistors Brush clearing a large test tube (5 a / set). Tube Gun Thing Future Size 16X100 mm (glass). BP Echinococcus made of Polythene BP Gorgonia sheet metal Modeling DNA Blood Cell Calculator Table Clamp Funnel Stand Single Model Torso with interchangeable Sex Organs - 15 Parts Stand (stainless steel with pole) Base size 12x19 cm Demos radio receiver AM. BP Tubipora BP Grass Hopper BP Occulina Algebra Kit (foam) 4-inch ring. Model Animal Cell Funnel HDPE Measure the respiration rate. Clay Pipe Triangle 6cm. BP Pila Hose clip. More a shiny coating. BP Aplysia (Sea Hare) BP L. H. of House Fly Polycarbonate Fault & Dislocations Model Centrifuge-Clinical Bottle Stand for 6 bottles Forceps Stand Rubber teat number 10 drill holes with a 6 cm tube Model Human Stomach - 2 Parts Aluminium with wax BP Patella Tare Beam Accessory Rod & Clamp Assembly Model Solanum Nigrum V.S. PALAMNERSUS. Cap. 24x1.5/2ml Model Typical Plant Cell Model Animal Cell on Stand Chart sheet Safety in the laboratory. Folding Meter Sticks (plastic) GIANT ATLAS MOTH.
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