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Microscopes & Magnifiers for Schools & Teaching Labs
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Microscope Educational
Product Code : MOEP0041
Microscope Educational ...
Microscope Educational
Product Code : MOEP0042
Microscope Educational ...
Microscope Educational
Product Code : MOEP0043
Microscope Educational ...
Microscope Student
Product Code : MOEP0044
Microscope Student ...
Microscope Beginner
Product Code : MOEP0045
Microscope Beginner ...
Microscope Student Monocular - Super
Product Code : MOEP0046
Microscope Student Monocular - Super ...
Microscope Student Monocular - Super, with movable Abbe N.A. 1.25 Condenser
Product Code : MOEP0047
Microscope Student Monocular - Super, with movable Abbe N.A. 1.25 Condenser ...
Objectives Achromatic X100/1.25
Product Code : MOEP0048
Objectives Achromatic X100/1.25 ...
Eyepiece H 15X
Product Code : MOEP0049
Eyepiece H 15X ...
Dissecting Microscope
Product Code : MOEP0050
Dissecting Microscope ...
Polarising Kit
Product Code : MOEP0051
Polarising Kit ...
Microscope Polarising
Product Code : MOEP0052
Microscope Polarising ...
Microscope Digital, with Mechanical Stage
Product Code : MOEP0053
Microscope Digital, with Mechanical Stage ...
Microscope Digital
Product Code : MOEP0054
Microscope Digital ...
Microscope Binocular Student - Super, with Mechanical Stage
Product Code : MOEP0055
Microscope Binocular Student - Super, with Mechanical Stage ...
Microscope Binocular Student - Super
Product Code : MOEP0056
Microscope Binocular Student - Super ...
Microscope Beginner
Product Code : MOEP0057
Microscope Beginner ...
Overhead Projector, Platform size 250x250mm
Product Code : MOEP0058
Overhead Projector, Platform size 250x250mm ...
Projection Screen 52 x 70"
Product Code : MOEP0059
Projection Screen 52 x 70" ...
Overhead Projector
Product Code : MOEP0060
Overhead Projector ...
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EVRYPEIMA SPINCRUS I. Tube 6 mm long and 50 cm Natural Size Balance Pocket-Digital Model Taenia Saginata L.H. BP Solen I.D. 7.5cm BP Vaginulus Spectrum set wooden box with 3 bulb lamp BP Paleomon (Prawn) Model Cell Structure of Root Tip Cap. 200 x 5 ml Slide Box Polystyrene for 50 slides Jug & Beaker Set BP Grass Hopper Table Clamp Mechanical physics Power Of 2 BP Chalina (Finger Sponge) Model Human Liver on Stand MCT Twin Rack for 0.5ml & 1.5 ml Half-Life series. Balance Electronic Portable with Square Platform 9 months pregnant with the baby Double AA battery box. PCR Tube Rack Cap. 4x250ml. Model Artificial Infant Skull Size 26 & 30 Measuring spoons (set of 4 a). 12.5cm 25 ml plastic Biyerneet 18cm length BP Algae Collection Microscope Monocular Inclined Clamp Universal PVC coated Test Tube Support 13 place Centrifuge Tube Micro Microscope simultaneously as 1600 model SME-F2. Model Tonsils 48 hrs. Geometry Kit Model Rocks Cycle Location vitro 3x8 size plastic box. Model Functioning of Brain Mo sterile electricity 25 c that is properly closed. Conductivity Meter Digital Incubator Bacteriological 2 Kg. Artery Forceps Curved
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