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Math Lab Equipments for Schools & Teaching Labs
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Fraction From Pattern Block for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0101
Fraction From Pattern Block Set of 200 PCS. In 5 Colors ...
Frame Abacus (wooden) With Beads for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0102
Frame Abacus (wooden) With Beads This wooden Abacus with 10 wire and 10 beads in each wire in 10 different color beads is a “calculator” that teaches ...
Counting Abacus (wooden) With 55 Beads for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0103
Counting Abacus (wooden) With 55 Beads This is simple wooden frame abacus with 10 wire, 1st wire contains 1 bead and 10th wire contain 10 beads in asc ...
Game Of Place Value for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0104
Game Of Place Value To demonstrate place value of numbers. This wooden base U shape wire abacus with 6 wire and 9 beads in each wire to understand the ...
Decimal Abacus for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0105
Decimal Abacus This wooden base abacus with measure 15 cm x 4 cm, thickness 18 mm having 7 holes with 7 spikes of 4 mm thick metal, provided with 70 b ...
2d Shape for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0106
2d Shape Two-dimensional shapes are a vital math topic for students. Use fun and exciting hands-on activities addressing shape names and properties th ...
Pattern Block (foam) for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0107
Pattern Block (foam)Pattern blocks offer a distinctive way for your child to learn shapes , Using geometric , color shapes such as triangle ,square ,p ...
Attribute Block for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0108
Attribute Block Attribute blocks sets include red, yellow and blue circles, hexagons, rectangles, squares and triangles. Attribute blocks are manipula ...
Sorting Ring for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0109
Sorting Ring These Plastic Foldable circle ring can be used in different ways from elementary to higher secondary for grouping, set theory and Venn di ...
Junior Pythagoras Theorem for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0110
Junior Pythagoras Theorem To verify that in a right triangle square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of other two sides. Provided ...
Senior Pythagoras Theorem Magnetic
Product Code : MathsLab0111
Senior Pythagoras Theorem Magnetic Pythagoras theorem (Senior) provided in acrylic consist with 4 right angle triangle and 1 big square. The overall s ...
Pythagoaros Theorem By Reverse Method for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0112
Pythagoaros Theorem By Reverse Method This manipulative is made up of foam and magnet at the back for demonstration purpose. This reverse pythagoras t ...
Conic Section for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0113
Conic Section Set Consist With 4 Secction Model Of Cone Circle , Hyperbola Eclipse , Perabola ...
Pythagoras Theorem By Small Square for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0114
Pythagoras Theorem By Small Square To understand Pythagoras theorem in fun n learn method by arranging unit square to make side square. ...
Ring Of Theorems for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0115
Ring Of Theorems Ring of theorem is use to Understand the properties of circle, properties of opposite angles of cyclic quadrilateral, Angles in a sem ...
Working Model Of Pythagoras Theorem for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0116
Working Model Of Pythagoras Theorem This working model is the great way to display proof of piythagoras theorem by volume its easy to demonstrate to h ...
Mensuration Kit for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0117
Mensuration Kit To understand the area, perimeter, and other physical property of two dimensional figures, this kit is provided with magnetic display ...
Dummy Clock for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0118
Dummy Clock This Fiber dummy clock is used to teach time concepts with moveable hand of hours & minuets. Made up to light weight fiber sheet, easy to ...
Student Clock Write And Wipe for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0119
Student Clock Write And Wipe Encourage class to participation with write-on/wipe-off clock. This set of 5 clocks is Great for small-group activities. ...
Geared Teacher Clock for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0120
Geared Teacher Clock This Geared clock Accurate to the hours with the movement of minute Arm. This geared demonstration clock is a great manipulative ...
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2 Kg. "Magnetic Stirrer Ceramic Molecular models with the manual. Staining Trough Glass Model Placentation - Set of 6 3000 g Burette Stand - Double Funnel Filter 15cm Mensuration Kit Roman Number Kit Size 20mm x 20 Tubes Set of polarized light. Cork Borer Sharpener Specimen Collection of Harmful Insects Model Fish Skeleton pk of 1Kg. Water Still Glass Base Retort Stand Heavy Duty 8-inch pots absorb moisture. Spoon spoon material - 21 cm pie # 7. Wooden Rubber Bush Dental Partners Channel No. 5 (29 mm). Potometer Ganong's with Glass Stopcock on Bakelite stand Vacuum Pump Model EISVAC Model Human Torso Young - 9 Parts Ring Of Theorems Model Air & Water Pollution BP Pinna BP Frog Spoon spoon material - 24 cm pie number 1. Crucible Tong Extra Long 25ml Plantation Pot 250mm BP Crab BP Root Systems Mechanical physics No. 2 plastic spoons. Model Liver Dissection BP Limax Brush Burette Bristle Rubber Neck Size 5 1 drill hole. Folding Meter Sticks (plastic) Tubes Neoprene 90cm. BP Protopterus (Lung Fish) Trial motion project renal mail. -10 to 360°C The drilling cork desk. A glass slide wells (plate). Burner Bunsen Micro with Flame stabilizer for Mixed & Natural gas S.Steel with wax
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