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Math Lab Equipments for Schools & Teaching Labs
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Number Planet for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0081
Number Planet To Demonstrate Number concepts visually, let students explore in Math lab or in classroom. Introduces number relationships and operation ...
Pan Balance for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0082
Pan Balance Perfect for measuring and comparing up to 2kg in the 1,000ml (1 liter) pans. Made of durable plastic with sliding compensators for zero ad ...
Hexagonal Weight Set
Product Code : MathsLab0083
Hexagonal Weight Set This set includes twenty 1g, twenty 5g, ten 10g and four 20g weights.. ...
Number Planet for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0084
Number Planet An easy, visual way to learn equivalents! This scale includes different color beads that visually demonstrate number relationships and o ...
Decimal Plate for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0085
Decimal Plate To understand Multipication of decimal number with the help of grid printed square Plate of size 10 cm x 10 cm and translucent plastic s ...
Cuisenaire Strips for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0086
Cuisenaire Strips Cuisenaire strips are a collection of rectangular rods, each of a different color and size. The smallest rod is 1 x 1 and the long ...
Power Of 2 for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0087
Power Of 2 This manipulative is consist with a pegboard having 122 pegs and 100 pec of Four color beads. This product is to Discover square numbers & ...
Factorization Tiles for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0088
Factorization Tiles Set of 70 Opaque plastic tiles in Two colors and three shapes comes with a Manual showing how the pieces are used to develop model ...
Trick Stick Set 1-10 Cm for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0089
Trick Stick Set 1-10 Cm This set includes 10 different size of Plastic rod with 10 colors and each color represents a different length and numeric uni ...
Integer Counter for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0090
Integer Counter Every elementary classroom needs a set of math counters. Double-sided math counters are very useful. These Two color counter pasted to ...
Integer Number Line Bar for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0091
Integer Number Line Bar A very useful addition number balance which promote student to do activity on there own and explore the concept of addition by ...
Hook N Look Numerical Balance for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0092
Hook N Look Numerical Balance A very useful addition number balance which promote student to do activity on there own and explore the concept of addit ...
Roman Number Kit for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0093
Roman Number Kit Roman number kit consist of square tiles with roman numbers printed on them. This set is provided with printed roman numerical on sma ...
Pattern Block Classroom Set Foam for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0094
Pattern Block Classroom Set Foam Use this set of 250 blocks , in six shapes and six color, to explore patterns , symmetry, linear and area measurement ...
Pattern Block Plastic for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0095
Pattern Block Plastic Use this set of 250 blocks, in six shapes six colors, to explore patterns, symmetry, linear and area measurement, fractions and ...
Pattern Making Of Triangle for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0096
Pattern Making Of Triangle To understand & develop the skills of making complex mathematical pattern by using 3 different dimension right angle triang ...
Tangrams for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0097
Tangrams Tangrams are a set of seven different shapes. Among these seven shapes, are five triangles, a square and a parallelogram. Among the triangles ...
Pattern Block (student Set) for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0098
Pattern Block (student Set) Kids learn shapes, designs, spatial relationships, angles, fractions, area, perimeter and symmetry with pattern block acti ...
Sit & Set for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0099
Sit & Set To help students understand the basic flat shapes and their various geometric combinations. This set is providing with combination of 6 flat ...
Pentominoes for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0100
Pentominoes Pentominoes is puzzle game this structures consisting of five identical squares connected by their sides.. In the pentominoes puzzle game, ...
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Clamp Retort 3 Prong Model TC8104 600 g MCT Twin Rack for 0.5ml & 1.5 ml BP Pinna Handheld Model Compression and discharge of the capacitor. Angel Sum Property Of Quadrilateral 6mm Gauge Wire Iron Model Kidney Section Brush-Test tube Nylon Car Lamp Ping million lari 2 mm long Geometric Shapes (Plastic 3D) Plantation Pot 250mm Urine Container 60ml. 0.5 ml Test Tube Holder Model Half of the Human Head Pattern Block Plastic Center of gravity of an object with stand. Model Human Hip Joint Cork Borer Set Plastic handle 6 types of labor-saving machines. BP Corn Germination 2000ml BP Uraeotyphlus Model Monocot Flower Funnel Hirsch 5cm Cap. 1 Ltr. Respirometer Simple BP Comparative Hearts: Showing hearts of Fish Watch Glass 7.5cm Model A Nucleus BP Chiton Plastic cup (4 pcs / set). Storage Vials 5ml. Glove Large Model Healthy Lung Rubber Bush Dental Partners Channel No. 5 (29 mm). Model Human Embryo Balance Single Pan with PTFE key stopcock BP Chick Embryos 24 hrs. 4 values. BP Modification of Insect Wings Clamp Retort3 Prong Burner Meker Economy with stopcock BP General Lichen 18cm length
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