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Math Lab Equipments for Schools & Teaching Labs
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Algebra Tiles for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0061
Algebra Tiles Many students struggle with factoring polynomials. Polynomials are a number of mathematical terms that can be added, subtracted and mult ...
Measuring Tape (15 Meter) for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0062
Measuring Tape (15 Meter) 15-meter/48-feet retractable tape measure use to measure any distance up to 48 feet, like play ground, classroom, or height. ...
Measuring Tape (1 Meter) for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0063
Measuring Tape (1 Meter) Measuring Tape : Sixty-inch tape measure even any curve surface, also helps to measure circumference. This tape is provided w ...
Measurment Tape 3mtr for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0064
Measurment Tape 3mtr Three-meter/10-feet retractable tape measure use to measure any distance up to 10 feet. ...
Metric Wheel for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0065
Metric Wheel Now its easy to measure long distances using metrics wheel. This half meter (50 cm) circumference wheel attached with the durable plastic ...
Vernier Caliper for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0066
Vernier Caliper When highly accurate measurements are needed Vernier scale refines the accuracy of the measurements. ...
Folding Meter Sticks (plastic) for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0067
Folding Meter Sticks (plastic) This folding meter stick folds into fourths on three hinges for easy storage. Calibrated in Metric units and enable us ...
Half Meter Scale (wooden) for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0068
Half Meter Scale (wooden) To measure a line segment up to half meter. This half meter wooden scale is duly printed up to 50 centimeters. ...
Magnifying Measure for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0069
Magnifying Measure For better understanding of metric conversion from meter to millimeter. This manipulative is provided with magnet at the back for e ...
Wall Thermometer for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0070
Wall Thermometer To measure the temperature of place in shade and in sunlight to compare them and verify the conversion formular for Celsius to Fahren ...
Chemical Thermometer for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0071
Chemical Thermometer To Measure the temperature of ice, tap water, milk and sand. Students will be able to measure that at a particular time different ...
Rain Gauge for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0072
Rain Gauge Students can compare rainfall of different seasons for a place and can conclude how wet a place is. The set of raingauge is provided with m ...
Setp N Count With (measuring Counter ) for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0073
Setp N Count With (measuring Counter ) Trundle wheel makes easy Measuring distance and length and it will becomes easy and fun using this real-world t ...
Jug & Beaker Set for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0074
Jug & Beaker Set For better understanding of volume and its conversion concept, a maths lab required a set of Jug & Beaker. These durable polypropylen ...
Kitchen Balance for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0075
Kitchen Balance Measure liquids and solids in removable pans. Easy-to-read, accurate kitchen scales. ...
Spring Balance for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0076
Spring Balance Tubular spring scales feature a clear plastic tube case that lets students view internal working components. 1 kg capacity ...
Fil O Fun Weighing Scale for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0077
Fil O Fun Weighing ScalePerfect for exploring basic measurement concepts. Measure, explore volume and compare solids and liquids with this sturdy bala ...
Balance With Bear Family Weight Set for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0078
Balance With Bear Family Weight Set Students can measure liquids or dry items, estimate, compare and contrast. Includes storage drawer in the base and ...
Dish Balance With (weighted Number And Weights) for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0079
Dish Balance With (weighted Number And Weights)This durable plastic junior-size balance lets students measure and compare number. Two plasic pans allo ...
Bucket Balance for School Maths Lab
Product Code : MathsLab0080
Bucket Balance Students learn weight and measurement with this super-durable plastic balance. Removable, easy-to-grip, 1/2-litre buckets make it easy ...
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Gas Generator Kipp's 1000ml 2 Prong Single Adjustable Universal Clamp Large Burner Bunsen with Pilot flame Compact Karen Lori a power meter (MACO) Electric Calorimeter. Forceps Toothed Tip 6 Key BP Helix Hollow glass tube 15 mm long Model Animal Cell on Stand ECO Model L.H. of Anopheles Made of seasoned hardwood Dia. 35 mm 10 cc glass syringe. Angel Sum Property Of Quadrilateral Triangle Kit 2000ml Model Rocks Cycle 60 pegs Spleen & Gall Bladder - 2 Parts Glove Small Molecular models. (For teachers). Slide Box Polystyrene for 100 slides BP Peripatus Pentominoes Factorization Tiles BP Heteronereis Model Germination Lab Jack 15x13.5x25 cm 10cm BP Rastellaria Convex Mirror Set friction - coefficient Zoology-II set of 8 size 50x70cm. Model Bird Dissection - Domestic Hen Plastic handle Active Board length 40cm Brush Burette Nylon Concave Mirror Crucible Tong General use Slide Box Wooden for 100 slides Plastic T-shaped joints. BP Jelly-Fish Specimen Wheat Germination Box 8 resistance values. Model Human Nervous System Model Chromosome Set of incident radiation - reflected.
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