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General Lab Products & Tools for Schools & Teaching Labs
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Bunsen Burner Semi Micro ASR
Product Code : GT-EP-0101
Bunsen Burner Semi Micro ASR ...
Bunsen Burner Simple ASR
Product Code : GT-EP-0102
Bunsen Burner Simple ASR ...
Burner Bunsen Simple, LPG
Product Code : GT-EP-0103
Burner Bunsen Simple, LPG ...
Burner Tirrill, Natural Gas
Product Code : GT-EP-0104
Burner Tirrill, Natural Gas ...
Burner Bunsen Natural Gas
Product Code : GT-EP-0105
Burner Bunsen Natural Gas ...
Burner Bunsen LPG
Product Code : GT-EP-0106
Burner Bunsen LPG ...
Burner Meker Superior
Product Code : GT-EP-0107
Burner Meker Superior ...
Burner Meker Simple
Product Code : GT-EP-0108
Burner Meker Simple ...
Burner Meker Economy with stopcock
Product Code : GT-EP-0109
Burner Meker Economy with stopcock ...
Burner Bunsen Heavy Base with stopcock
Product Code : GT-EP-0110
Burner Bunsen Heavy Base with stopcock ...
Burner Bunsen-Heavy Base
Product Code : GT-EP-0111
Burner Bunsen-Heavy Base ...
Burner Bunsen-Simple, ECO
Product Code : GT-EP-0112
Burner Bunsen-Simple, ECO ...
Burner Bunsen Simple GBR, LPG
Product Code : GT-EP-0113
Burner Bunsen Simple GBR, LPG ...
Burner Bunsen Simple GBR, Natural Gas
Product Code : GT-EP-0114
Burner Bunsen Simple GBR, Natural Gas ...
Burner Bunsen LPG
Product Code : GT-EP-0115
Burner Bunsen LPG ...
Burner Tirrill, LPG
Product Code : GT-EP-0116
Burner Tirrill, LPG ...
Burner Bunsen with Flame Stabilizer, Natural Gas
Product Code : GT-EP-0117
Burner Bunsen with Flame Stabilizer, Natural Gas ...
Burner Bunsen with Flame Stabilizer, LPG
Product Code : GT-EP-0118
Burner Bunsen with Flame Stabilizer, LPG ...
Burner Bunsen Meker
Product Code : GT-EP-0119
Burner Bunsen Meker ...
Burner Bunsen Teclu
Product Code : GT-EP-0120
Burner Bunsen Teclu ...
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steel Table Clamp Model Tissue Structure of Tree Shoot Set of 3 Dia. 12 mm Beaker Tong Mini Clamp Universal 2 Prong Cork lined with Boss Head 3000g Disposable Scalpel Mortar & Pestle Camera (Auto Bulbs for ASP10). Metalware Set Median Section Steel Rod Model Animal Cell Division Mitosis Specimen Viviparous Germination Model Human Circulatory System Size 22.5x20x20 cm. BP Sepia Set of 4 Model Thyroid Gland Private sector together Frame Abacus (wooden) With Beads Polythene BP Buccinum Clinometer Compass Burner Bunsen Teclu BP Marine Algae Wintrobe Stand Potometer Ganong's with Glass Stopcock on wooden base Size 14"x12" BP Petromyzone Gas Tap 3 times life size Volume Relationship Set Geometry 3D Concepts Instruments BP Fern Life History BP Antendon Glove Small Burner Bunsen-Heavy Base with stopcock 3-phase generator (MACO). Cap. 25 x 1 ml Geometry Kit Camera (Auto Stage Micrometer). G-Clamp BP Chalina (Finger Sponge) Karen Lori a power meter (MACO) Electric Calorimeter. Cap. 4 (15x6ml) Funnel Holder Separatory Potometer Farmer's
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