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Educational Models and Charts for Schools & Teaching Labs
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BP Ascaris Male
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0112
BP Ascaris Male ...
BP Collection of Anthozoa, Set of 4
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0113
BP Collection of Anthozoa, Set of 4 ...
BP Collection of Hydrozoa, Set of 4
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0114
BP Collection of Hydrozoa, Set of 4 ...
BP Zoanthis
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0115
BP Zoanthis ...
BP Velella
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0116
BP Velella ...
BP Tubipora
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0117
BP Tubipora ...
BP Sphenopus
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0118
BP Sphenopus ...
BP Rhizostoma
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0119
BP Rhizostoma ...
BP Renilla
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0120
BP Renilla ...
BP Pennatula
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0121
BP Pennatula ...
BP Porpita
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0122
BP Porpita ...
BP Ancylostoma
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0123
BP Ancylostoma ...
BP Ascaris Male & Female
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0124
BP Ascaris Male & Female ...
BP Aphorodite (Rare)
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0125
BP Aphorodite (Rare) ...
BP Collection of Nemathelminthes, Set of 4
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0126
BP Collection of Nemathelminthes, Set of 4 ...
BP Collection of Helminthes, Set of 4
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0127
BP Collection of Helminthes, Set of 4 ...
BP Tapeworm
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0128
BP Tapeworm ...
BP Tapeworm Dyphyllidium
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0129
BP Tapeworm Dyphyllidium ...
BP Taenia with Scolex
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0130
BP Taenia with Scolex ...
BP Rumen Fluke
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0131
BP Rumen Fluke ...
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Parts of Insects Fact & Fault Model Model Torso half size with dissectable Head - 11 Parts Size 10"x9" BP Uraeotyphlus Zoology-II set of 8 size 25x35cm with frame. The model structure of plant leaves. Bench Model Model Star Fish L.S. Biology Bioplasts Specimens Partners filter cone bushings (enough Sing Lane) 60 mm (SB). 200 g Microscope Binocular Inclined Model Exterior Angle Of Regular Polygan Test Tube Stand of 12 holes 2d Shape Lab Essential Kit Superior Second generation digital microscope eye XSZ-135DN. Burner Bunsen Semi Micro Test tube 8 Parts Polythene BP Echeneis (Suker Fish) Nephrons & Blood Vessels & Kidney Glomerulus made of hardwood Fractures Balance Pocket-Digital Model Human Stomach Algebra Tiles Surgical tray. Float Rack Model Human Egg uncalibrated Tare Beam 200g 210 g Sterilizer Drum Shallow Sample a variety of resistors Message spoon spoon - Number 15 pies 12 cm. Model Glacial Landscape Brush Flask Bristle Location vitro stainless steel. No. 0 insect needle (a 100 per box). Lens 5X. 100ml Box 8 resistance values. Trial Odrndrnrnsnt microscope and optics Force training kit on the legs. Resistance box Rake sharp needle infection (international). BP Ascaris Male & Female Model TC4115
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