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Educational Models and Charts for Schools & Teaching Labs
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BP Buccinum
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0032
BP Buccinum ...
BP Agraunata
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0033
BP Agraunata ...
BP Aplysia (Sea Hare)
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0034
BP Aplysia (Sea Hare) ...
BP Wasp
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0035
BP Wasp ...
BP Types of Larval form (I) Crab, (II) Maggot, (III)Caterpillar inone block
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0036
BP Types of Larval form (I) Crab, (II) Maggot, (III)Caterpillar inone block ...
BP Harmful Insect Collection, Set of 5
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0037
BP Harmful Insect Collection, Set of 5 ...
BP Useful Insect Collection, Set of 5
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0038
BP Useful Insect Collection, Set of 5 ...
BP Terminate *ueen Big
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0039
BP Terminate *ueen Big ...
BP Tick
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0040
BP Tick ...
BP Scorpion
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0041
BP Scorpion ...
BP Chiton
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0042
BP Chiton ...
BP Fissurella
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0043
BP Fissurella ...
BP Pila
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0044
BP Pila ...
BP Patella
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0045
BP Patella ...
BP Pecton
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0046
BP Pecton ...
BP Prlyster
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0047
BP Prlyster ...
BP Octopus
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0048
BP Octopus ...
BP Myashell
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0049
BP Myashell ...
BP Murex Shell
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0050
BP Murex Shell ...
BP Mytilus
Product Code : EDU-LABEP-0051
BP Mytilus ...
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Model of human liver model. 9 Key 10ml Human Physiology set of 12 size 75x100cm. Model Human Eye 5 times Base Ten Block Alloy Bar genetic era 8 mm 40 mm 70ml Bench standing & wall mounted Partners filter cone bushings (plastic) 70 mm 30 ml bottle of drops. Conical Measures Size 25mm x 12 Tubes Set friction - coefficient Vertex Wonder BP Myxine Soft hollow tube 8 mm long and 50 cm Rubber Bush Dental Partners Channel No. 5 (29 mm). 750 cc bottle of pickled animals locked door. Model Human Kidney with Adrenal Gland - 2 Parts BP Buccinum 25ml 3000 g Molecular models with the manual. Syringe Hypodermic Disposable 3-inch ring. Cork Rubber Rubber 15. Open-ended tube 16 mm long Model Upper Triple Root Molar with Caries 15 times Full size - 6 Parts Model Conventional Signs Model L.H. of Angiosperm Glove Small Burette Clamp Single 10X eyepiece focus adjustment. Set a good optical. BP L. H. Silk Mouth Micro Haematocrit Capillaries Boss Head Popular for 19mm dia rods BP Mytilus Paper Chromatography A Unique Coffee. Model TC4111 Clay Pipe Triangle 6cm. Rubber teat number 10 drill holes with a tube Model Muscular Arm - 6 Parts A simple telephone exchange set. ECO 100g Model TC8101I Size 15"x12" (III)Caterpillar inone block
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