Chemistry Lab Equipments for Schools & Teaching Labs

No. 14 rubber cork pierced a hole 16 mm
Product Code : CM-EP-00101
Rubber teat number 14 drill holes with two tubes 2 tubes.
Product Code : CM-EP-00102
Cork Rubber Rubber 14.
Product Code : CM-EP-00103
No. 1 rubber cork 14 drill holes.
Product Code : CM-EP-00104
Rubber teat number 14 drill 2 holes.
Product Code : CM-EP-00105.
Cork Rubber Rubber 15.
Product Code : CM-EP-00106
Refined set of essential oils.
Product Code : CM-EP-00107
Set rectifying. Wooden box.
Product Code : CM-EP-00107
Solar water distillation set (twin plane).
Product Code : CM-EP-00108
Distilled water with a solar package. (Single plane).
Product Code : CM-EP-00109
Distilled water series.
Product Code : CM-EP-00110
Half-Life series.
Product Code : CM-EP-00111
Prepare a set of gas last year\'s Kiss 250 ml
Product Code : CM-EP-00113
Prepare a set of gas last year\'s Kitchen, 500 ml
Product Code : CM-EP-00114
Pre chlorides of the elements (fire resistant glass).
Product Code : CM-EP-00115
-Free glass (glass nozzle using benzene vapor).
Product Code : CM-EP-00116
Set shows the spread of the gas stand.
Product Code : CM-EP-00117
Car Capital Trial million lari
Product Code : CM-EP-00118
Trial finished on the acid - base.
Product Code : CM-EP-00119
Finished on trial balloon magic.
Product Code : CM-EP-00120

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