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Chemistry Lab Equipments for Schools & Teaching Labs
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Rubber Stoppers
Product Code : CM-EP-0001
Rubber Stoppers with hole ...
Alcohol Lamp Burner (Steel)
Product Code : CM-EP-0002
Alcohol Lamp Burner (Steel): All-metal alcohol lamp has a single wickless burner tip. The chrome-plated steel lamp is spill-resistant. ...
Test Tube Clamp
Product Code : CM-EP-0003
Test Tube Clamp: Handheld clamp holder for heating a single test tube over a flame. ...
Retort Stand
Product Code : CM-EP-0004
Retort Stand: Heavy stamped steel base & steel rod. ...
Retort Clamp
Product Code : CM-EP-0005
Retort Clamp with V-shaped jaws ...
Retort Clamp - Right Angle
Product Code : CM-EP-0006
Retort Clamp - Right Angle made from aluminum black powder-coated finish ...
Burette Clamp for Ring Stand
Product Code : CM-EP-0007
Burette Clamp for Ring Stand to hold a single burette, test tube, flask, etc ...
Retort Stand Ring
Product Code : CM-EP-0008
Retort Stand Ring designed to support beakers, flasks, etc. on a Retort Stand. ...
Triangle Clay
Product Code : CM-EP-0009
Triangle Clay supports crucibles, evaporating dishes or funnels on a ring support when heating to high temperatures ...
Wire Gauze
Product Code : CM-EP-0010
Wire gauze with ceramic center, rests on ring support to hold glassware above a burner. ...
Burette Brush
Product Code : CM-EP-0011
Burette Brush for cleaning burettes ...
Test Tube Rack (Wood)
Product Code : CM-EP-0012
Test Tube Rack, 6 holes, wood ...
Mortar & Pestle
Product Code : CM-EP-0013
Mortar & Pestle: All porcelain, inside is unglazed. Use for grinding up chemicals into powder. ...
Evaporating Dish
Product Code : CM-EP-0014
Evaporating Dish (Porcelain) for high heat applications. ...
Porcelain Crucible with Lid
Product Code : CM-EP-0015
High form porcelain crucible with lid for high temperature use. ...
Tong Beaker
Product Code : CM-EP-0016
Nickel plated steel tongs for crucible & beakers. Useful when handling a hot crucible, evaporating dishes, flasks, and small beakers. ...
Deflagration Spoon
Product Code : CM-EP-0017
Deflagration Spoon Stainless steel: Used to heat a small amount of material to a high temperature. ...
Pinch Clamp
Product Code : CM-EP-0018
Pinch Clamp For clamping rubber and plastic tubing to stop the flow of liquid. ...
Tripod Stand Round
Product Code : CM-EP-0019
Tripod Stand Round ...
Product Code : CM-EP-0020
Spatula: Stainless Steel - Spoon on one end, blade on other. ...
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40X B markers with handle 250 ml I.D. 15cm. Counting Abacus (wooden) With 55 Beads Plastic cylinder 100 cc. BP Pila Model Rat Dissection - Female Slide Box Wooden for 12 slides Size : 35x24x5cm" Swing catch insects. Trial Ohm\'s law. light box with cylindrical BP Jelly-Fish Brush Test tube Bristle Spoon spoon substances - Pie # 5 21 cm. BP Chick Embryos 24 hrs. Insect needle No. 4 (100 per box Model Human Hip Joint Polaroid sheet 5x5 cm Draining Rack Metal 32 pegs BP Modification of Insect Wings Ear model. Burner Bunsen Heavy Base with stopcock BP Fasciola (Liver Fluke) Tong Flask Heavy duty Resonance box sound. Burner Bunsen Meker High Temperature Battery AA 4 pack box. Tubes Neoprene 60cm. BP Chick Embryos 4 days Size 14 Tire to the pipette. 20ml Forceps Pointed End 9cm BP Companularia Optical set-Benz. Spoon spoon material - 21 cm pie # 7. Clamp Retort 3 Prong with Boss head BP Marchantia Life History Measure the rate of photosynthesis. BP Centipede Model Glacial Landscape Base Retort Stand Rectangular Economy Model Torso with Open Back - 28 Parts Box 8 resistance values. BP Sacculina with Host T-shaped glass joints. Semi Plain X40/0.65 Medicine Cup 25ml.
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