Biology Lab Equipments for Schools & Teaching Labs

Model model The human brain disassembled.
Product Code : BO-EP-00123
Model model Structure in the pelvis to the human male reproductive organs
Product Code : BO-EP-00124
Model model Structure in the pelvis to the human female reproductive organs.
Product Code : BO-EP-00125
Model model babe
Product Code : BO-EP-00126
Model model Human skin.
Product Code : BO-EP-00127
Model model Human digestive system.
Product Code : BO-EP-00128
Model model Structure of the human pelvis showing urinary organs
Product Code : BO-EP-00129
Model of human liver model.
Product Code : BO-EP-00130
Models model express the human child (reproductive female robot).
Product Code : BO-EP-00131
Model model Human ear has three parts disassembled
Product Code : BO-EP-00132
Model model Male reproductive organs.
Product Code : BO-EP-00133
Model model Pulmonary gas exchange and heart show.
Product Code : BO-EP-00134
Model model Face human brain can be disassembled piece 5.
Product Code : BO-EP-00135
Skeleton as a model of reality.
Product Code : BO-EP-00136
Model skeleton 85 cm.
Product Code : BO-EP-00137
Modeling brain fiberglass.
Product Code : BO-EP-00138
Model of the human blood circulation system with LED display operating conditions
Product Code : BO-EP-00139
Digestive systems to fiberglass.
Product Code : BO-EP-00140
Digestive systems to work with light conditions.
Product Code : BO-EP-00141
Digestive systems to large.
Product Code : BO-EP-00142

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