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Biology Lab Equipments for Schools & Teaching Labs
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Set of surgical stainless steel large set (13 pcs / set).
Product Code : BO-EP-0064
Set of surgical stainless steel large set (13 pcs / set). ...
Scalpel handle No. 3 (a knife to remove the handle).
Product Code : BO-EP-0065
Scalpel handle No. 3 (a knife to remove the handle). ...
Scalpel handle No. 4 (to remove the knife handle.)
Product Code : BO-EP-0066
Scalpel handle No. 4 (to remove the knife handle.) ...
Cabinet Photo infection.
Product Code : BO-EP-0067
Cabinet Photo infection. ...
Infection has taken a cabinet Larminar Flow.
Product Code : BO-EP-0068
Infection has taken a cabinet Larminar Flow. ...
Dark cabinet.
Product Code : BO-EP-0069
Dark cabinet. ...
Oven UM 100 (Memmert).
Product Code : BO-EP-00670
Oven UM 100 (Memmert). ...
Surgical tray.
Product Code : BO-EP-00071
Surgical tray. ...
Thermometers measure patient
Product Code : BO-EP-00072
Thermometers measure patient ...
Non-contact thermometer.
Product Code : BO-EP-00073
Non-contact thermometer. ...
Modeling DNA
Product Code : BO-EP-00074
Modeling DNA ...
No. 10 scalpel blade.
Product Code : BO-EP-00075
No. 10 scalpel blade. ...
No. 11 scalpel blade.
Product Code : BO-EP-00076
No. 11 scalpel blade. ...
No. 12 scalpel blade.
Product Code : BO-EP-00077
No. 12 scalpel blade. ...
No. 15 scalpel blade.
Product Code : BO-EP-00078
No. 15 scalpel blade. ...
No. 20 scalpel blade.
Product Code : BO-EP-00079
No. 20 scalpel blade. ...
No. 22 scalpel blade.
Product Code : BO-EP-00080
No. 22 scalpel blade. ...
No. 23 scalpel blade.
Product Code : BO-EP-00081
No. 23 scalpel blade. ...
Tweezer Stainless pointed, 11 cm
Product Code : BO-EP-00082
Tweezer Stainless pointed, 11 cm ...
Tweezer Stainless Steel 13 cm
Product Code : BO-EP-00083
Tweezer Stainless Steel 13 cm ...
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BP Modification of Insect Legs Box tester radiation Ultra-violet. BP Heart Urchin 3 times life size Model Human Heart Muscle Junior Pythagoras Theorem 5 Kg. Active Board Model Liver Dissection BP Crab Burner Bunsen Semi Micro Substance sharp spoon - No. 9 Pine 21 cm The model shows blood vessels and nerves skeletal size 85 cm Rubber teat number 10 drill holes with a 6 cm tube Watch Glass 5cm BP Haliotis Size 25mm x 18 Tubes Stethoscope Economy Burner Bunsen Natural Gas (triangle). Plantation Pot 100mm BP Protopterus (Lung Fish) EVRYPEIMA SPINCRUS II. 2 legs Rubber teat number 4. Boss Head Mini 8 Parts Balance Electronic Portable with Round Platform BP Antendon Chrome plated Cork Rubber Rubber 15. 18x18 mm glass slide off 100 sheets / box Projection Screen 52 x 70" BP Taenia with Scolex Translucent filter 5ml BP Tick Burner Bunsen with Needle Valve Model Pathologies Breast Cross Section Brush Test tube Nylon Specimen Bean Germination Microscope Slide Set Protozoa & Algae PCR Tube Rack Trial motion project renal mail. Model Human Kidney Section 3 Times Model TC8104 Clips Mohr's Brass steel 12.5cm Hookes
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