Biology Lab Equipments for Schools & Teaching Labs

3 eyes scanning model L1800B (American Scientific).
Product Code : BO-EP-0024
Zoom Stereo Microscope 3 Eye Camera Model GL-99TI (American Scientific).
Product Code : BO-EP-0025
Camera (Part Condensor for L-1100A PARALUX).
Product Code : BO-EP-0026
Stereo Microscope Camera Model ATL10 (American Scientific).
Product Code : BO-EP-0027
Microscopic eye version 3 AS341 (American Scientific).
Product Code : BO-EP-0028
Camera (Part Eyepieces for ASP10 SW10X).
Product Code : BO-EP-0029
Camera (Auto Bulbs for ASP10).
Product Code : BO-EP-0030
Camera (Auto Stereo Camera P-10).
Product Code : BO-EP-0031
Camera (Part Occular Micrometer).
Product Code : BO-EP-0032
Camera (Auto Stage Micrometer).
Product Code : BO-EP-0033
Camera (Part Immersion dark field for L2000A).
Product Code : BO-EP-0034
2 microscope eye model AS325 (American Scientific).
Product Code : BO-EP-0035
Second generation digital microscope eye XSZ-135DN.
Product Code : BO-EP-0036
Set of signals transmitted from the microscope to the computer.
Product Code : BO-EP-0037
Set to broadcast television images from the microscope.
Product Code : BO-EP-0038
Camera (Photo adapter: 2.5x/4x).
Product Code : BO-EP-0039
Camera (Photo adapter focusing 4X).
Product Code : BO-EP-0040
Series broadcast images from the telescope to the computer.
Product Code : BO-EP-0041
Series broadcast images from the telescope to TV
Product Code : BO-EP-0042
750 cc bottle of pickled animals locked door.
Product Code : BO-EP-0043

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