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Anatomy & Human Organ Models for Schools & Teaching Labs
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Human Skeleton Model
Product Code : AM-EP-0001
Human Skeleton: This skeleton allows students to learn about bone structures and joints. Removable skull, arms and legs. Supplied with metal stand wit ...
Life-Size Skull
Product Code : AM002
Skeleton with Nerves and Blood Vessels
Product Code : AM03
Skeleton with Nerves and Blood Vessels: This model depicts the position, course and distribution of main arteries and peripheral nerves of the human b ...
Model Hypertension Model - 7 Parts
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0030
Model Hypertension Model - 7 Parts ...
Model Heart Condition
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0031
Model Heart Condition ...
Model Human Heart, Natural Size
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0032
Model Human Heart, Natural Size ...
Model Mammary Gland in Lactation
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0033
Model Mammary Gland in Lactation ...
Model Pathologies Breast Cross Section
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0034
Model Pathologies Breast Cross Section ...
Model Human Liver with Gall Bladder
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0035
Model Human Liver with Gall Bladder ...
Model Human Skin - Mini
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0036
Model Human Skin - Mini ...
Model Skin Burn/Normal
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0037
Model Skin Burn/Normal ...
Model Human Skin-Enlarged 70 times - 4 Parts
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0038
Model Human Skin-Enlarged 70 times - 4 Parts ...
Model Human Skin-Enlarged 75 times
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0039
Model Human Skin-Enlarged 75 times ...
Model Human Skin-Enlarged 70 times
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0040
Model Human Skin-Enlarged 70 times ...
Model Lymph Nodes
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0041
Model Lymph Nodes ...
Model Liver Dissection
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0042
Model Liver Dissection ...
Model Pathologies Liver
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0043
Model Pathologies Liver ...
Model Human Liver on Stand
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0044
Model Human Liver on Stand ...
Model Human Heart - 2 Parts
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0045
Model Human Heart - 2 Parts ...
Model Human Brain Stem
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0046
Model Human Brain Stem ...
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oil). Isometric Geoboard 2 microscope eye model L1800 (PERRON). Tong Flask Safety 10mm Set friction - coefficient Microscope Slide Set Basic Set No. V Cork Rubber Rubber 14. Multi Purpose Geo Sticks Type 1 Bao tiles tall with lid 20 cc. Set short-circuit. Botany-IV set of 8 size 50x70cm. Model L.H. of Anopheles Model Dicot Seed Germination (Pea) Magnetic 1x5 cm cylinder (steel). 125ml GIANT ATLAS MOTH. BP Comparative Hearts: Showing hearts of Fish BUTTERFLIES DEMONSTRATION SET IV. Mortar and ground Cylindrical 125 ml 10ml Spare Heating Element for Water bath Insect collection box size 22x30x6 cm Integer Number Line Bar Pipette boxes. Model L.H. of Honey Bee Model Human Kidney Section 3 Times refraction 250 ml bottle of distilled (see Randall). Size 8"x6" Box of mixed colors. BP Echeneis (Suker Fish) 5 \ 2ml Eyepiece 10X Water Bath Aluminium BP Marine Algae Brush Beaker Nylon Incubator Bacteriological BP Anabus (Climbing Perch) 2000ml Funnel Filter 10cm Model Typical Flower V.S. 2 microscope eye model AS325 (American Scientific). Alcohol burner stainless steel. BP Adamsia Model Dental Disease 21 Parts Tubing Connector - L Shaped Geared Student Clock
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