Anatomy & Human Organ Models for Schools & Teaching Labs

Model Human Urinary Organs - 3 Parts
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0067
Model Human Urinary Bladder with Prostate - 2 Parts
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0068
Model Human Kidney with Vessels, Pancreas, Duodenum, Spleen & Gall Bladder - 2 Parts
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0069
Model Urinary Organs Kidney with Bladder
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0070
Model Nephron Kidney Globule
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0071
Model Human Kidney with Adrenal Gland - 2 Parts
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0072
Model Kidney Section, Nephrons & Blood Vessels & Kidney Glomerulus
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0073
Model Human Kidney Section 3 Times
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0074
Model Aids Virus
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0075
Model Standing Urinary
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0076
Model Dual Sex Urinary System
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0077
Model Human Testis
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0078
Model Male Pelvis Section
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0079
Model Female Pelvis Section - 2 Parts
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0080
Model Female Pelvis Section - 2 Parts
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0081
Model Female Pelvis Section
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0082
Model Rectum
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0083
Model Ovary
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0084
Model Chromosome
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0085
Model Human Sperm
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0086

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