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Anatomy & Human Organ Models for Schools & Teaching Labs
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Model Human Skull - 2 Parts
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0047
Model Human Skull - 2 Parts ...
Model Period of Gestation Set of 8
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0048
Model Period of Gestation Set of 8 ...
Model Period of Gestation Set of 9
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0049
Model Period of Gestation Set of 9 ...
Model Human Fetus
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0050
Model Human Fetus ...
Model Human Fetal Circulation
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0051
Model Human Fetal Circulation ...
Model Human Embryo
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0052
Model Human Embryo ...
Model Pregnancy Pelvis with Baby
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0053
Model Pregnancy Pelvis with Baby ...
Model Male Pelvis Section - life size
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0054
Model Male Pelvis Section - life size ...
Model Artificial Infant Skull
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0055
Model Artificial Infant Skull ...
Model Prehistoric Man Skull - Set of 6
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0056
Model Prehistoric Man Skull - Set of 6 ...
Model Human Skeleton - Economy
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0057
Model Human Skeleton - Economy ...
Model Muscle on Bone
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0058
Model Muscle on Bone ...
Model Human Elbow Joint
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0059
Model Human Elbow Joint ...
Model Human Hip Joint
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0060
Model Human Hip Joint ...
Model Human Knee Joint
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0061
Model Human Knee Joint ...
Model Human Shoulder Joint
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0062
Model Human Shoulder Joint ...
Model Human Foot Bow - Set of 3
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0063
Model Human Foot Bow - Set of 3 ...
Model Human Skeleton Miniature with Stand - Height 51cm.
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0064
Model Human Skeleton Miniature with Stand - Height 51cm. ...
Model Male Pelvis Section - 2 Parts
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0065
Model Male Pelvis Section - 2 Parts ...
Model Male Pelvis Section - 3 Parts
Product Code : BIOMOD-EP-0066
Model Male Pelvis Section - 3 Parts ...
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BP Amphioxus Mortar & Pestle Forceps Disposable Model Upper Triple Root Molar with Caries 15 times Full size - 6 Parts Storage Vials 5ml. Wood handles vitro tweak Model TC8101G Thermometers Mercury White Backed Dummy Clock Combination Dark Germination Chamber BP Aurelina (Jelly Fish) BP L. H. Silk Mouth Zoology-I set of 8 size 50x70cm. Mary and Da Grand Gallery Room. 3 Prong Double Adjustable Universal Clamp Jumbo Polaroid sheet size 17x39 inch brown. Size 18mm x 12 Tubes Nylon Black Set of kinetic theory. Funnel Stand Double THE LIME BUTTERFLY. Model L.H. of Angiosperm Model Slipper Animalcule Paramecium BP Spider Size : 35x24x5cm" Model Human Eye 3 times Enlarged 7 Parts Burettes Acrylic Model Thoracic Vertebrae with Spinal Cord 30 cm Model Dicot Stem T.S. Tong Beaker Silicon covered jaws Balance Weighing-Digital Capacity 8x15ml Tong Flask Safety with Magnetic stirrer Conic Section Kitchen Balance Double Concavity Vernier Caliper Junior Pythagoras Theorem BP Horsetail Model Head of the Pork Tape Worm Burner Bunsen-Heavy Base Earth & Moon Orbitor Model readability 0.1g 100 sheets. 23cm. 400 g I.D. 7.5cm. BP Bipalium
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